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How to Survive Mercury Retrograde in 2020
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Relative from our point of view on Earth, it appears sometimes that a planet will stop and go backwards called the retrograde motion, and then stop again and go forward called the direct motion. During a retrograde period, it is not a good idea to push forward any practical venture. It is better to prepare for it rather than doing it and to move ahead later with the direct phase of Mercury. Mercury goes Retrograde three times every year.

As it slows down before the Retrograde period, we call it the Pre-Retrograde.

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Mercury starts losing power then and hence new ventures cannot do well in this period. Then there is the Post-Retrograde when Mercury picks up or gains speed but is still moving slowly enough to cause a slow progress in the projects undertaken. During the Mercury Retrograde period it is best advised not to venture into any new territory and to stay put. Throughout history people have turned to astrologers to find out what is going on and so I am here to tell you just that.

Yearly Horoscope

Eclipses herald times of significant change and movement and have been noted and studied since humans looked skyward. Records show that the Chinese calculated eclipses years ago and the Babylonians followed.

Eclipses have been associated with major cataclysmic weather-related events like earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes as well as human-activated events like bombings, wars, and your basic bad-behavior plundering. Eclipses have also heralded major scientific and evolutionary breakthroughs.

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Things are always changing on Planet Earth and during an eclipse changes are triggered. Manifestation of the triggers can be seen three to six months after the actual eclipse. Wheels are set in motion and then, poof! Where will an eclipse impact you in your personal life?

Key Dates:

Look to the sign and degree of the eclipse. Then look at your chart and see where that degree falls. Look at the house where the eclipse falls as that will determine the area of your life that will be most greatly impacted. Look to see what other planets are involved in the eclipse as their energy will add significantly to the story of change, movement, letting go, and release.

Chinese Calendar: Auspicious Days, Lunar Dates, Zodiac, Holidays, Wedding Day

An eclipse is a shift in the vibrational alignment between the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon creating an analogous shift in the alignment of our own energies. We are not only on Earth but of Earth. What she experiences so do we, each in our own way, according to the constellation of energies in our own unique charts. The moon is in between the Earth and the Sun.

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