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They will have some differences as most couples do.

Libra Man Compatibility With Women From Other Zodiac Signs (In Pictures)

Those differences may be met as a challenge or may be considered comfort. They can actually learn the balance they seek with each other if they truly decide to give this relationship a shot. Libra man and Libra man soulmate relationship is possible here. In fact; the Libra man and Libra woman marriage is also very possible.

Libra Man and Libra Woman Love Compatibility | Ask Oracle

They could be very happy with each other for the rest of their days as long as they can learn to trust and respect each other on a much deeper level. Trust is a make or break thing with the Libra couple. The Libra woman is warm, comfortable, witty, and loves to have a spontaneous adventure. She loves to have fun; she loves to be around other people, and has an insatiable love for laughter. She does work hard and does want success in any way that she can get it. When the Libra woman meets the Libra man, they seem to have an instant connection.

They understand each other on an unspoken level. They will find each other very attractive and have amazing chemistry. The Libra woman wants to be in love and feel that excitement in the beginning of a new relationship. The two of them flow well together except when neither can decide where they should go eat for dinner. The two of them not being able to make a quick easy choice makes them hungry and have to settle for something.

Libra woman loves to flirt and will find plenty of that available with her Libra man. The Libra man is one that seeks out success in his life. He wants to have a business or career that thrives. He also is seeking his soulmate. He is warm, inviting, and much like his female counterpart. He knows how to make any woman feel at ease. He strives to be the best he can be every single day. Strangers never get to see this side of him. When the Libra man meets the Libra woman, an instant bond seems to form because who understands a Libra man better than a Libra woman?

He finds her amazing, simpatico, and someone he can truly share his life with. Libra man and Libra woman marriage is one that can certainly succeed if they can keep open communication with each other. He seeks out a partner who will match him in the ways that he feels are important. He may find that his Libra woman is someone he can rely on and go to when he has stress happening in his life. Libra man needs to learn how to open up to his lady love so that she can truly know who he is.

She will need to also do the very same thing. One of the best things that the Libra man and Libra woman relationship has is communication and being able to really talk to each other.

Libra and Cancer: are they compatible in Love?

They have amazing conversations that can last for hours. They will likely see eye to eye on many major issues in life. They are on the same page with most things dealing with the world issues. On this level; they get along famously. Their life values match up quite nicely. Unless one of them has a rising sign or moon sign that makes them a bit different; in most cases; Libra man and Libra woman match works very well.

They have similar enough belief systems that will allow them to have a successful Libra man and Libra woman marriage. Their love of justice in life parallels and makes it easy for them to get along in most aspects of their relationship together. This really does form a beautiful bond. Since they are the same sign; they will likely also have lots of the same interests. This makes life exciting and gives them plenty to do together. They have the same type of need and outlook on what sex should be like and so they are nearly perfect with each other this way.

I have a plan and I'm getting out. There's way more to all this but you need to read up on it. I think it is just like any other zodiac sign. It is about knowing your mate and how you handle compromising with your significant other.

I find that when people are in a relationship they act as if they are in a relationship with themselves you cant expect your partner to know what you want you have to be able to communicate effectively male or female and sometimes that may require you changing your approach from the way you normally are use to doing things.

My libra male requires attention but so do I. He likes to feel like a king and I like to feel like a queen. It doesn't mean that I am a submissive women to everything he do but I definitely can relate most women like to be pamper for their work they put in. It can be an amazing experience. My libra man is my dream.

I find we are perfect together. We have had just a few fights, but always resolved them peacefully and learned from the experience. We have friendly debates. I am always laughing My bf is an Italian Libra male, I'm a Libra female. I'm not sure what number. He says very hurtful things and calls me names He said in Italy the woman is submissive to the man. I'm from Georgia and am a very strong Southern woman so submissive is not in my Vocabulary.

I'm constantly nursing his ego so that he feels like "The Man". I would not recommend two Libras getting together. There other signs your more compatible with because you will find yourself working really hard and sooner or later you will ask your self "if something is this hard to do is it going to work" I'm emotional exhausted and have answered my own question's.

Sure2purr , My boyfriend and I are both Libras as well and when you said your husband handles battles like a total jerk and he says hurtful things I am sooo glad I came to this site and im glad that I am not the only one whos partner is the same way. Its hard to be in a Libra and Libra relationship but its one of the top compatiblities.

I'm born first part of Oct. A really great book to read that breaks down the signs even further is the Zodiac big book for Birthdays. There it tells you whether you're for example a Libra 1, Libra 2, or Libra 3. My husbands a 1 and I'm a 2. Ive been with my husband 20 yrs. I play the male role a lot while he is the emotional female.

It's weird I know but it is what it is. We have strong bonds together but our battles he handles sometimes like a total jerk when not getting his way and he will say hurtful things that aren't nice, fair, true, or promote balance at all. Any constructive criticism he takes as an attack. He needs more attention that most other people.

He has a lot of emotional affair type friendships and he is an ego stroker car salesmen for 40 yrs with lots of ego stroking friendships he tried to keep under wraps. On the same token if reversed he would have a fit but after 10 yrs I learned to just be myself first and foremost ignore it. Surround myself with what my ego needs were, and he had to get over it. So today we both seem happy with our personal lives. For Libra women I don't recommend this match up unless you are one tough cookie!!!

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As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things. To provide a better website experience, pairedlife. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. Karma Michal more. It is best to acknowledge your similarities up front in the relationship — especially if there are any negative similarities.

This will alleviate your mate being caught off guard later on in the relationship when he finds out you are lacking qualities that he wants in a woman. Both partners will be sophisticated, have a refined taste, have a love of the finer things in life, and enjoy debating. Libra men may come across as needing more time and attention than the average guy.

Libra and Libra Table of Contents

As a Libra woman, you may have a similar quality. It is best to acknowledge this and figure out ways to work around it. Solicit help from other friends and family, rather than asking your male Libra. Generally, attempt to keep your requests to your Libra mate to a minimum. Otherwise, your partner may start to feel inadequate if you are always asking for things that he is not accustomed to providing. Be a Partner. The Libra male is always looking for a partner.

As the Libra woman you should strive to view your relationship as a two-person team. All decisions made for your home should be approached as you would a team and as you would your team mates. The Libra male can be very indecisive, and he will feel more secure and confident in his decisions if he has a teammate to help him make decisions.

Libra Man and Libra Woman Love Compatibility

In a sense, the Libra male would almost prefer that his mate take the lead role in the relationship. From the very start of the relationship, if he is truly interested he ask you to accompany him to places and you would want him to do the same for you. Division of Labor. The Libra male likes to pamper his significant other by cooking for her, keeping the home clean, and waiting on her, but he will eventually expect you to return the favor. Now, be aware that your turn to return the favor could last for a while.

After he goes out of his way for you, it could take days, weeks, or months before he feels the two of you are back in balance. As a Libra woman this period of imbalance will affect you just as much as it affects him, but if this is the man you desire, give him some time to even out the scale again. Dealing with lavish spending will be an issue for the Libra male and Libra female couple. Libras are known for freely spending their hard earned money equally on others and themselves. The Libra male tends to be very generous with his money, spending freely on his mate, his family, and his close friends.

If your Libra man has not learned the fine art of money management, you will have to take the reins. As a Libra woman, your financial decisions will be equally challenging. If your Libra mate is a lavish spender, you will have to be the one to curb your spending, and try to rein in his spending habits.


You can make this suggestion to your mate, but only in a respectful and helpful way, otherwise the discussion could lead to conflict. You may have to be the one to compromise until he catches on. First off you will want him to trust your abilities to manage money, meaning you may have to take a course or two in financial management yourself. Once his trust is established, you can start to give him some tips and advice on money management that will benefit both of you.

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Your Match: Libra Man and Libra Woman Compatibility

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