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With Venus and Mars being together, this is also a great time for you and your lover, partner, spouse, and new relationship to get real close and intimate. If you are hoping to find someone to love, you may find a lot of luck online as these two lovers make an attractive pairing, elevating your own attractive allure.

20nd may born horoscope - comitic horoscope libra

The root is your words, and how you use them to express yourself. You will feel creative, inspired, motivated, especially if you work in marketing, writing, PR, anything having to do with interactions with others. So much warmth is brought with the Sun, who is inspiring you to seek out the most out of your domestic household. Mercury, the very god of communication, makes this a very special time for sharing space with your family. Words exchanged with your siblings and parents, especially with your mother, can help you find peace with the past.

The feminine yin energy of the New Moon on Nov 11, highly charges this already feminine 4th House. Also under rulership of the 4th House are sisters, nieces, aunts, grandmothers, daughters, and highly feminine-charged men. This Moon is a new beginning and breath for these relationships, so allow this energy to refresh how you treat the women in your life. The energy of the New Moon is sure to be a rebirth because if you recall, um, you came from a womb. This is the total restructuring of your home, your physical person, your spiritual being, and something of significant importance is going to take place.

You may find some walls crumbling down, especially as the Sun moves into your 5th House of Love from Nov 22 - Dec Romance will fill the air, a time when you will know clearer than other times your true desires. The 5th House touches upon your most sensitive emotions for companionship, love, friendship, and joy. The beautiful intimacy of connection is spotlighted, and you are more outgoing and eager to find true love, by either sparking a new flame or rekindling an existing one. As I said, your articulacy will be impressive, so if you are hoping to spark a connection online then go confidently onward.

Mercury controls all forms of communication and especially email because he rules technology. Mix communication and technology, add love, boom! This will be a wonderful time to really pursue love because Saturn, the stern god of wisdom, is teaching you the truth about love.

Which is something like this, love is not simply a feeling you feel, but a muscle you exercise everyday. Saturn has a way of teaching maturity, which is by exposing your immaturity. The Half Moon on Nov 19 in your 7th House of Marriage will definitely have something to say about the state of your love life. Yes, there definitely seems to be a strong emphasis on your love life and how well you can be fully self-expressed in life. Your self-expression is also a piece of your life as much as the fulfillment of your desires.

Marriage can be a wonderful alliance of two people, so if you plan to get engaged, sign a contract, get married, or even start a business, form a professional partnership, make sure that you are fully self-represented. When two parties come together through a contract, it is important that both sides get equal say and representation, so make your demands heard. Thank goodness Mercury is so powerfully placed all month in your 3rd then 4th Houses of communication and home respectively. His exertion from these two houses will spiritually lift you up to stand your ground strong in the roots of yourself and impressively articulate your needs and desires.

Who else can see you for who you are and who you want to be than the people closest to you whom you call friends? This Moon comes holding hands with Pluto, the god of transformation, and Neptune, the higher octave of art, music and beauty. This is for sure one night to be out and about, enjoying the social scene. This Full Moon is the energy that has been brewing since May! Your friendships have taken a special significance since then, and this Moon brings that energy to fulfillment.

Your Daily Horoscopes

This may be a great time to build your network, get involved with volunteer work, join a social cause, and even satisfy the calling for a higher purpose. You can find a lot of big picture satisfaction by getting involved with a social organization and working for the common good. As this house rules stepchildren, adopted children and foster children, deeper satisfaction can come from doing something charitable for them. In fact, I say you do so because this Moon makes wonderful contact with your 5th House of Love, where the Sun and Mercury are perched.

The 5th house is joyous, romantic and also innocent, because children are rewards of the romantic times, so if you are a parent or want to be, there is a lot of hope in connecting deeper and in newer ways with the children closest to you. Maybe not all of the children, but maybe just one. You are beautiful, dear Leo, till the end of time! An open-minded perspective and a willingness to be surprised will open the door to new experiences and personal happiness.

However, a longing for intimacy or a fear of the dark corners in your psyche may throw you off, or someone close to you may misread your mood and intentions. Mars moves into your cognition-and-communication sector over the weekend, getting ready for a long stay there.

During the next several months, your speech will grow more assertive as your mindset becomes increasingly empowered.

Log in Sign up. If nothing saves us from death, at least love should save us from life. Leo horoscope leo virgo virgo horoscope virgo and leo virgo compatibility leo and virgo leo compatibility leo quotes virgo quotes love quotes quotes. Taurus horoscope for March 26th - April 1st This week you may find yourself reveling in an abundance of offers or invitations to learn more or make connections that could lead you to greater financial success, Taurus. Gemini horoscope for March 26th - April 1st You may be coming out of a week where you spent a lot of time catering to and assisting other people, with very little time for yourself.

Cancer horoscope for March 26th - April 1st As the week begins, Moonchild, you may be mulling over some deception that you discovered recently. Leo horoscope for March 26th - April 1st You have done so much for a certain person in your life. Virgo horoscope for March 26th - April 1st As the week begins, Virgo, you may find yourself dwelling on a response you recently received related to an application. Libra horoscope for March 26th - April 1st A recent reconciliation may be on your mind as the week begins.

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A leo remembering they did something stupid. Leo and Scorpio love stare. A leo being needy and wants attention. No Lies, no mind games, no cheating. Leo horoscope leo factsaboutleo facts horoscope. Sunday, September 7, This Is My Life as a Leo. Leo sign leo horoscope leo zodiac nylon horoscope nylon. The hardest part for a Leo is letting go. Leo horoscope leo factsaboutleo facts horoscope fuckthis. Horoscope: LEO. Sign main characteristics: Leos stubbornly cling to their pride.

Leo Horoscope Horoscope leo Leo horoscope. Leo zodiac horoscope leo horoscope fire of my loins truth facts tumblr text post text postoftheday leo post zodiology astrology zodiac side of tumblr zodiac sign.

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How to Love a Leo. Leo- looks at themselves in every reflection available, and not even always conscious of it. Leo horoscope leo horoscope. Leo Horoscope - All About Leo. Love relationships They are very protective and possessive lovers and they tend to support their partners in all the difficult situations.

Perfect love match They are highly compatible with Sagittarius, Aries and Capricorn. Professional Life Leos are born leaders and they love to crave out their own paths.

Weakness and Strengths Strengths: They are very friendly in nature and they tend to care a lot about their loved ones. Weakness: They can be too interfering and bossy at times which makes them highly intolerable. Leo free horoscope Leo horoscope Leo horoscopes daily Leo love Leo love horoscope Leo weekly horoscope. Saturday, August 30, Could you do a couple aesthetic of Leo male and Aquarius female? Leo x Fem! An Aquarius Mermaid Aesthetic is on the way! Leo Horoscope Leo Meaning Leo. You will have the important opportunity to inspire someone today, Leo.

You are a natural motivator. You know all the right things to say, and you are great at pumping up the attitudes and self-confidence of other people. But you have quite a lot to offer. And the one you need to inspire to reach for a dream today is - YOU! Leo Leo aesthetic leo horoscope art astrology leo astrology. La mejor cualidad de Leo es su generosidad.

Saturday, September 6, You are fiercely protective of your family - so much so that you often try to dictate their choices and command their lives. But if you want your children, siblings, friends or anyone you are mentoring - to grow strong on their own, you need to step back a bit and let them make some of their own choices. You can always offer guidance, of course, but this year you will need to master the art of knowing when to just let go.

This may be particularly important when this person winds up in hot water in early spring. Your loved one will figure it out and will gain lots of pride and self-esteem in the process. You will also need to learn to hold yourself back and stop doing for others what they are perfectly capable of doing for themselves. Remain compassionate, and stay available in case your wisdom is needed, but keep in mind that you can teach by example just as successfully. A little worry is like a little salt.

Or pepper.

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