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Leo, it's a lucky day today. You can have something wonderful happen that brings you to feel elated and full of life. It can be easy to lose track of time. Live in the moment and fully let go! Virgo, with both feet you land on solid ground. It's easy to be feel in control of your day today. The Emperor tarot card is ruled by the planet Mars, and signals your approach to the day as one where you get what you want. Libra, keep your head held high but with one foot on the ground. You can chase a dream, a love, or anything that catches your fancy but don't forget that life is one part hope and one part reality.

Your daily horoscope: December 19

Stay grounded just enough to know where to land when you're ready to settle down. Scorpio, you have leadership potential. Today, you may have a great connection with a boss or some other person in authority. You make a good impression being the way you are. Your ability to be the person others depends upon shines through. Sagittarius, should things change? Something important that has been in place may be up for discussion.

Love and Compatibility for December 19 Zodiac

It can be your vision vs. Challenging the status quo won't be easy, but perhaps it will be worth it.

Capricorn, stand your ground and be strong. Focus on what you must get accomplished at this time so you are free and clear mentally to have fun and play when the week is done. You make sure that all of your energies are concentrated on taking forward your efforts in the right direction.

You need to replenish your energies and increase your awareness today, to be able to continue your efforts, says Ganesha. Dame Luck will patronise you today. You will gain from land, house or building trade. You will get total support and co-operation from bosses and colleagues in the office. Ganesha indicates it as a very profitable day for you.

Today there is a chance that you will meet that special someone that you have been waiting for all your life. You may possibly give your partner a beautiful gift. You will be more inclined towards the arts and will be able to exhibit this new-found appreciation to the max, says Ganesha. Financial affairs will face a major obstruction today. Ganesha advises you to allow your mind to prevail over your heart. Take extraordinary care of your precious personal possessions, apart from your legal duties and new projects keeping in view their long-term effect on your mind.

Ganesha says that this is the right time to enhance your personality and prove your talents to the world. Today you will be able to buy new clothes too. It is essential that you pay attention to people close to you. Today is the day you will spend in your dream world. The day does not begin on a very good note as you seem to be in a belligerent mood.

Be calm and patient as your hot temper may spoil a good deal. Limit your conversations and discussions with colleagues and friends, advises Ganesha.

Leo Daily Horoscope December 19 2018

Practising meditation and yoga will bring you some respite towards the end of the day. It's time for you to sit back, relax and let your actions do the talking. After all, actions speak louder than words, they say. In your mission to build security and stability, you are learning the importance of investing your time and energy in projects that promise mind-blowing results.

December Birthday Horoscope Astrology (In Pictures) |

Continue to be consistent in your efforts, knowing that you will get the rewards and recognition you deserve. The secret to success however is perfecting that elusive work-life balance. Word to the wise: nurture your own garden before you set out to conquer the world.

Cosmic tip: Continue to be consistent in your efforts knowing that you will get the rewards and recognition you deserve. Empathy: the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. As a sensitive soul, you need no words to understand what another is going through. When your soul fam turns to you for love, keep your judgments and biases aside.

Simply hear them.

Check out what the stars say your day will be like today.

Remember, everybody is entitled to make their own mistakes. On your part, you can gently nudge them towards their truth. The actions they take after is entirely up to their free will. Cosmic tip: Be the kindest, most loving version of yourself. Practice listening without letting your judgements and biases get in the way.

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Channel your creative energy into dreaming up that vision board and then taking the required action. The Universe will give you tangible proof as support. For the bohemian souls, self-expression is on the cards. Ditch your comfort zone in favour of realising what you are truly capable of. Allow yourself to feel them entirely.

See how your heart begins to open the second you do. Surprise, surprise!

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Is your heart breaking or it mending herself? Here's something you want to ask yourself today. Pain is the biggest teacher, Capricorn. Without glorifying what you are going through, take a moment to process your life lessons. Let the gift of awareness help you grow and evolve from here. No matter what transpires, resist the urge to play the victim card. Cosmic tip: Without glorifying the pain, ask yourself what it is trying to teach you. The world is your oyster—literally so! Be aware of the pathways opening up for you.

Could they be a bridge to the future you have always imagined for you?