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The Importance of the Angles
  1. The Four Cardinal Points In Astrology What Are The Air
  2. What It Means If Your Sign Is Cardinal, Fixed, Or Mutable
  3. The Axis In Astrology Explained – Ac, Ic, Dc And Mc – The Four Angles Explained
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The Four Cardinal Points In Astrology What Are The Air

The four angles are astrology's way of accurately geopositioning you in your life. The concept of angles is based on divisions of the circle described by the path of the sun and planets across the sky from east to west as seen from the rotating Earth. They are crucial to the understanding of the meaning of the birth chart or event and for accurate forecasting. The ascendant Asc is the sign that was rising over the eastern horizon at the moment and place of birth. It is the most important angle of the horoscope.

What It Means If Your Sign Is Cardinal, Fixed, Or Mutable

Directly across from the Asc you'll find the second important angle, the descendant Dec. The Dec is the sign that's setting in the west at the moment and place of birth. The Asc is sometimes called your rising sign. The sign on the MC is directly overhead at the moment and place of birth. Together the for angles make up what astrologer call the "Cross of Matter. While the sign and degree of each angle are important, the angles also divide the circle of the horoscope into hemispheres and quadrants, which can reveal a lot about an individual.

Each of the four quadrants contains three of the astrological houses, completing the frame of the horoscope. When you draw a line from the Asc to the Dec, the upper half of the circle is the southern hemisphere, and the lower half is the northern hemisphere. Some might think it strange that marriage and enemies are ruled by the same house.

The Axis In Astrology Explained – Ac, Ic, Dc And Mc – The Four Angles Explained

Others would find this very appropriate. If there is another marriage, it is shown by the Ninth House. How about a third marriage? A description of your third marriage if any is found in your Eleventh House. You see how this works?

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Start with the 7th House as the 1st marriage and go counterclockwise around the wheel, skipping every other house, to see all other marriages. Some people like Elizabeth Taylor who has eight marriages have to go completely around the wheel! To find out more about your first marriage partner, turn your horoscope wheel upside down so that the Seventh House is on the left side, where the First house is normally located. Then, Re-number the houses. House number 7 becomes house 1, the 8th house becomes house 2, and so on.

Now read that chart as if it were the horoscope of your marriage partner. It indicates the Goals of your life, your purpose. Yes, philosophers do disagree about whether or not life has a "purpose". But it is known these days that people who do have a purpose in their lives are generally happier and tend to live longer. The sign on the Mid-Heaven influences your career, as does the position of the planet that rules that sign.

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  7. Planets inside the house also have an effect. For example, I recently did a reading for a man who had Aries action on his Mid-Heaven.

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    Mars, the ruler, was in the Tenth House. So were Saturn and Uranus. Mars is action, Saturn rules careers that require lots of discipline and preparation like research scientist or doctor; but it an also indicate a business career , and Uranus has to be independent. He was a surgeon Mars also rules cutting who was starting a business.

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    The late Charles Jayne and his wife Viva discovered that the planet that makes the closest aspect to the Mid-Heaven usually determines the career. When you are trying to find the career in the horoscope, this is the first thing to check.

    Please click on the Site-Map icon for the curriculum Table of Contents and select your levels of interest. Links to: Planets in the Houses" 6. Any planet there, especially if it is in the same signs as the Rising Sign, will give you traits of the Sign that the planet rules. In other words, if you have Mars in the First House, you will tend to be active and aggressive like an Aries Sun-Sign.

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    Saturn will make you cautious and careful at first approach, like a Capricorn Sun-Sign. If there is more than one planet in the First House, the planet that is closest to the cusp beginning of the house usually predominates. The only exception is if another planet in the house is stronger by sign.

    Click here for a complete list of Planets in the First House. H ouses numbered 1, 4, 7, and 10 are the Action houses.