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The exact origin of the tarot is not known, but it is thought that they originated from somewhere around India and were brought to Europe with the Gypsies. The earliest known deck seems to have appeared around the fourteenth century. During the Renaissance, the tarot was a part of a growing interest in the studies of the mystic arts, such as Qabbalah and alchemy.

The Royal Thai Tarot | Tarot/Oracle Loving in | Tarot card decks, Star tarot, Tarot the fool

The tarot saw a revival in the nineteenth century and has been enjoying popularity ever since. The modern day deck of playing cards is believed to have come from the tarot. The face cards of the tarot deck are the King, Queen, Knight, and Page where in some decks, the Knight and Page are known as the Prince and Princess, respectively.

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As the modern day playing card deck began to evolve, the Knight was dropped and the Page became the Jack. The suits of the tarot are related to the suits of playing cards. The suit of spades is equivalent to the tarot suit of swords, and diamonds corresponds to pentacles.


The clubs equals the tarot suit of wands or staves, and the hearts corresponds to cups in the tarot deck. Sponsored Links. This makes fortune-telling in Thai culture more than just about seeing the future, but also having agency to change it, Siani said. The services of a specialist are also about providing techniques for dealing with a problematic fortune, or with enhancing good luck.

Some fortune-tellers such as Ajarn Jamras say that is why they are in the business, as helping people is their calling. After Jarunun asked how to make her current relationship last, changing the outcome he previously forecast, Jamras told her to pray at a shrine for Guan Yu — a Chinese god — in Chinatown, and to refrain from eating meat on Tuesdays, the day of her birth. Open main navigation Live TV.


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