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You may be successful in your occupations and your regular routine both at work and at home, according to horoscope prediction for In the beginning of the year, you may feel that things are not working your way or everything is going beyond your control, or nothing happening the way you want it to. But the situation may ease sooner than you expect and things will start rolling in their own pace. You are not afraid of hard work and it gets you results as well. According to Virgo horoscope , the natives indulged looking after career, work and business may find ample opportunities for advancing in career, during the first quarter of the new year.

Domestic and international travels are possible during this period.

Virgo Horoscope 12222

Travel for business expansion is also indicated. You will be ready to take up new challenges at work place and gear up to meet deadlines and targets. Be careful of initiating partnership ventures during the last week of February and April.

The further period could be a turning point in career for most Virgos which may yield good dividends later. Businessmen may get opportunities to expand their business and to open up new branches of the parent concern. Overseas travel may be on the horizon. You may gain a lot professionally during this period. Engineers and those from technical field may find the going good. During the mid year, you may get mixed results. You tend to work hard and reap the rewards later.

You may realize your goals. August seems to be a satisfying month with a feeling of achievement and progress. It may entail a lot of travelling, but you may be enriched in terms of association, experience and gains. The natives of Virgo zodiac sign may have to work really hard to prove among seniors. The workload may remain quite heavy to handle, you may have to garner support from co-workers in order to meet deadlines, effectively.

You may face some opposition and adverse situations, but eventually emerge a winner. You may consider reviving a shelved project and start working on it. You may think of reviving workable joint ventures in order to turn them into profitable partnerships. During the last quarter of the year, entrepreneurs, trade analysts, consultants may de very well in their field of work. Most businessmen may benefit during this period. Small scale industries, part time workers, those working from home, online teachers may be benefitted.

Many businesses may be rejuvenated, mergers are possible and new ventures may be considered.

Virgo Monthly Horoscope

The year end will bring success stories to the fore and many entrepreneurs will reap the benefits. Overall, a good year for career and business joint ventures. As per Virgo horoscope , the year is expected be a favourable year for investments, financial growth and all round prosperity for Virgos, according to the finance predictions. The stars foretell a good start to the new year with gains from your enterprises. Monetary gains may be expected mid January onwards.

Increments and bonuses may give a boost to your income, in the first quarter of the new year. Some expenditure on health is not ruled out during this period. You may also invest money in health care schemes and life insurances. You may invest money in bank deposits in the name of your spouse and other family members. Some of you may invest money in personal business or family businesses. Elderly people may benefit from investments in government schemes. Small scale industries and small time traders and entrepreneurs may get loans and benefit from welfare schemes.

Free Horoscope Today Online - Monthly & Daily Horoscopes | Vogue India

For the natives of Virgo zodiac sign, April may be a very good month for investments in gold and precious metals, shares, mutual funds, recurring deposits and landed properties. Sudden gains may be expected in the further period, gains from ancestral property, legacies, lucky draws etc. During the mid year you may be adequately compensated and rewarded for your hard work in your profession. September-October is not very favorable for your brothers and sisters. Health of your siblings may deteriorate during this period and they may have to face problems in career and education.

There may also be disturbance in the family at this time. Beware your neighbors, as they may cause you trouble. You are advised to maintain distance from your neighbors and outsiders. Time post October may be favorable for your family. During this period, there may be happiness and integrity in the family.

As per Virgo Horoscope , your marital life may see a combined effect of planets this year. Your spouse health may deteriorate in the beginning of January March-April may be favorable for your married life. During this period, there may crop up challenges in your marriage but you may easily be able to face such situations with your wisdom and your spouse understanding. Your bond with your life-partner may strengthen at this time, as she will be more understanding at this time. If your spouse is working, his or her hard work may pay-off. Your partner may be unable to devote your time during this period but, you need to be compatible enough to cope up with him or her.

Give adequate time to your spouse; balancing both your personal and professional life. Your children may be nasty about trivial things and adamant at the same time. Their health may also affect, which is why, you need to take special care of their health. Their behavior may, however, improve later. Newly married couples may receive good news. Your wife may get pregnant this year. There are fair chances of you enjoying parenthood.

There is a strong possibility of benefit from your spouse end. This implies that your life-partner may achieve something that will ultimately be advantageous for you. As per predictions for Virgo zodiac sign, will bring mixed results to your love life. Your love life may see highs and lows in this year. Year beginning may not be so favourable for love. You may have to face challenges at this time. Circumstances may, however, improve later. It is in your hands how you turn luck in your favour.

Do not show anger every now and then and take your love in the right direction.

Kanya Rashi December 2019 - Virgo Horoscope December - Best Astrologer - Arvind Tiwari

If you become fussy over little things, your love life may grow difficult. Give full importance to your lover and understand his or her feelings. If you are a Virgo native in relationship, your bond will grow stronger as the time passes.

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If a conflict arises in your relationship, try to resolve it with love and patience. If you are impatient and annoyed; easily giving up on your relationship; your love relation may get in trouble. Discuss and resolve all your love-related issues with your lover. June and December are the best months for blossoming of love relationships. Someone may touch your heart during this period. A new relationship may also get started. You need not, however, trust anyone easily; rather test their love for you. Being in haste for your new relationship may also be inappropriate.

Give time to yourself and your love relationship. Patience is the key here. According to Virgo Horoscope , your health may see highs and lows this year. For instance, there may be deterioration of your health, along with health benefits.

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In the beginning of the year, you may be enthusiastic and dynamic but, time from February to April may not be very favourable for your health. Therefore, your health may worsen at this time. During this period, you may be prone to season change diseases. Refrain from eating outside at this time.

You may eat at hygienic places. Post this period, however, your luck may be favourable. You may grow luckier. Your health may be benefitted but, during this time, you may face work pressure. You may be more dedicated towards your work. You may work more than your calibre.

You may feel fatigued in this time. Take proper rest and sleep during this period. You may feel fresher likewise. Exercise regularly to stay fit. May, August, and September may be the best for your health. You may stay healthier and more fit. Incorporate yoga and meditation in your daily routine.

Practising yoga and meditating may give you mental peace. You may be able to concentrate better on your work and life. You know that what you value and what another person close to you values are never going to add up to a whole number. It may even be difficult to get this person to agree to a basic concept of what the problem is, which is of muse the problem.

There seems to be a lot of pressure building upon the domestic front as well, perhaps due to someone at home not keeping welt Professionally, this is not the Lest of times when you make a switch to a new job or sign a new contract as these commitments will have great difficulty in getting met or worse still, they may be decisions which you consider a blunder later.

Those suffering from chronic diseases need to take special care. Pls update the same ASAP. You guys are doing a gr8 job. If i miss my Times of India on any Sunday I get my weekly forecast here. Thanks a lot. Keep doing good. Your email address will not be published. Weaknesses Too critical Lacks demonstrativeness Restless Push himself too much.