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Leaving with people who took my kindness for weakness and was treating me and my spouse any type of way. We were the only ones being picked on. We ended up moving today.

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The energy is so different and less stressful. If you gotta go girl then go!!! Im being bullied and have no way of knowing how to stop it or what has all been said. As for the man I fell in love with does he even stick up for me or does he allow his friends to attack me? Is there anything I should know?

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What is in my future for any of this? Hey I fell in love with a woman that lied to me from the beginning cheating on me and saying I was the only she had. She was on porn and I am lucky all the guys she had sex with didnt give me a std. So I also never cheated on her.

Where is my love or someone special. I have narristic abuse and I really dont see how the crap I am going to meet a female that even wants me cause of my problems. Can you tell me if the man i love is who he says he is or is he scammer. Does he really love only me?

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And is he really serious about marrying me? Or is he just playing with my emotion?

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And why does he always ask me for money especially large sums. And does he really have a court case with the company he works for.

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Is he lying to me about everything? I am a traditionist from Africa and I can help you to know if he is real or fake. The reality is that a soulmate is not necessarily the person you end up being with, it can be a parent, sibling or even your best friend. Once you stop limiting yourself by looking for this person you will find happiness. Can I get 1 who research and get back. Cancer people are highly emotional and sentimental if they love they sacrifice everything for them if you betray they will see your end so be careful.

My name is jeremiah Born on july 18 My question is will i work some where else to earn my leaving Will my real mum help me and push me up in the time of try. Im a cancer guy still have not found any one yet. Maybe because cancer is difficult to put up with. I have a male friend who is a Tarus, I am a Cancer born June 21 at PM,I have known him for over 30 yrs, he is 56 I am 60, he has never been married, I am currently in the process of becoming divorced in a few weeks.

cancer Horoscope

This was my 2nd marriage, my first husband died at an early age of My Tarus friend told me about a year after I had remarried, which I had asked him for this info. He admitted to me that he had deeper feelings for me while I was married the first time but did not want to cause any trouble for my husband and I, he said he knew we were having marital problems from me talking to him about things but he did not want to interfere with our friendship that we had for about 4 years , then he told me that when my 1st husband died, he wanted to give me time to mourn, so then after a few months I started dating someone and my Tarus friend said he knew that relationship I had with this guy I was dating was going somewhere, so he did not want to interfere with that relationship, again, to keep our friendship in tact.

So now after 29 years of being with that man and now divorcing we had no children I had a son by my deceased husband , I have let my Tarus friend know about my situation of divorcing, also letting him know in a round about way that maybe we could hang out together like old times and just see where things go, that I am not interested in dating anyone else that I have not know for a while. I let him know right before my ex and I split up that we were having problems and that I did not see us staying together much longer. We only had sex 3 times from Jan- Sept which is when we split.

So I just hope maybe it will work out with my friend and I at some point, I would be happy just him keeping his place and I keep my place, just hang out and see where things go. Iam sorry to say ,but alot of what i have read doesnt even sound like me at all. But some of it truely sounds like me. The part about my family and friends is right on the money. Iguess that it does sounds like me , but i just dont like to think about myself in that way. You know all money crazy and the rest of it. I do have to say that this is the best web site that I have find on zodiac signs. After reading so many responses.

I have to say this in return, not to bash cancer women. I am a cancer, rising sun-sign Libras. I have met some cancers that are extremely aggressive, with nasty altitudes, and seem immature, and closed off from the world. Our personality are form based on how we were raised, and the decisions we made in life…ect. The astrology are helpful with reveal some things indeed but in reality we all are different but we have the same characteristics within our personality.

For one if God is not a part of your life, and you failed to forgive, and to love, understand your own short coming, and understand your mate views, and respect them. No matter who you are with you will nerve be happy. Some cancer women tend to want everything to be perfect because we seek perfection. However, some cancer women must understand people being perfect are overrated, never will it happen.

I have Libras friends, male females, and I am dating a Libra. My daughter, father is a Libra. Libras have various personalities, which they can change at any time.


This is one their quality in them. Just as you are going to work you change your personality to adapt to you co-workers. Libras are changeable but so is Cancers.

Cancer Daily Horoscope - Cancer Today Horoscope and Astrology

We both can change like the wind. And we have good quality within our personality. With that said if thing does not work out for me, and my love. I will not feel negative about Libras men, and I will date another. Because the fact still remain everyone is different, some people do change.

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Another factor people must be mature enough to handle a good realitioshp. For example, if your Libras man needs his space give it to him, call to make sure he is ok. If you found this forecast helpful, imagine how much more I can tell you with more information from you. With your full birth details I can tell with surprising accuracy, what's likely to happen in your life going forward and I can reveal to you so much about why you are, the way you are.

Treat yourself. Download your personal chart now! Read your General, Money and Love Forecasts here. We have updated our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy. Click to accept. The 13th Sign? Email: Pass j :. Cancer Daily. Prev Next. Oct 9, Email Horoscopes Get your Horoscopes delivered free to your inbox every day!

Email address. Daily Compatibility. The world has changed as far as romantic and relationship matters are concerned and there is no going back. As she spends her first full day in your romantic sector Venus, the planet of love has returned to begin the most romantically charged weeks of This comes just as there is something special developing on the communication and relationship fronts.